3M - SCOTT Breathing Air Services

Wise Safety has been repairing breathing air equipment for over 20 years. We have factory trained technicians and access to genuine OEM parts.
Wise Safety can work on Scott Facepieces, SCBA's, EZ Airline, Ska Paks as well as other Scott Breathing Equipment.
Available services include:
Function /Flow Test
Wise will take your equipment and perform a visual inspection as well as test it on a Posi-Chek tester. This process ensures all breathing rates and alarms are functioning to manufacturers specifications. The machine verifies you are receiving the correct amount of air while checking for leakage, equipment performance, and secondary backup function.
Hydrostatic Cylinder Test
This electronic test inspects the cylinder for cracks and other imperfections. This ensures the cylinder will performance properly on the worksite. This test is required by DOT on all cylinders every 5 years.
Facepiece Testing/Repair
This process begins with a visual inspection to check headstraps and neckstraps for elasticity or tears. The faceshield is examined for cracks and other damage. The faceseal is reviewed for tears around the sealing surface. Masks can be placed on a Posi Check for further analysis. When problems are discovered, you will be provided an estimate of any needed work prior to starting the process.
EZ Airline Repair
The breathing air shop is capable of performing a regualtor test on EZ Airline to check the breathing rate and purge rate to ensure proper operation.  The shop also checks the EZ Airline to see if any parts need to be replaced.
Warranty Work
The breathing air shop can perform warranty work on your Scott Breathing Air products.
On-Site Repair/Testing
If needed, Wise Safety can visit your location to perform repairs and testing.

Questions? Contact Kevin Mantle at 314-587-4131/800-777-7347 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.