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Vending machines for safety products. Call your rep for more information.


2W Acid Suits 2W Boots 2W Clothing Hi Viz 2W Flame Resistant 2W Parka 2W Rainwear 2W Respirator Storage 2W Tool Belts 2W Traffic Vests

32 North


3M Airline Heating/Cooling Assemblies 3M Buffer Pads 3M Chemical Coverall 3M E-A-Rfit Validation 3M EAR Earplugs 3M EAR Hearing Bands 3M Earplugs 3M Eyewear 3M Faceshields 3M Fall Protection Harnesses 3M Fall Rescue Kit 3M First Aid 3M Floor M ...

3M DBI-Sala Fall Protection

Includes 3M Protecta and Fall Protection for Tools (formerly Python) tool lanyards and accessories.   3M DBI-SALA Bosun Chair 3M DBI-SALA Clip2Clip Tool Tether 3M DBI-SALA Debris Containment 3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection Accessories 3M DBI-SA ...

3M Gas & Flame Dection

Includes Scott gas detection monitors.

3M Scott Fire & Safety

Includes SCBAs, respirators, filters, cartridges and more respiratory equipment and supplies.

Aargo Tools

Aargo Tools/Vacuums

Abatement Technologies

Abatement Technology Air Scrubbers Abatement Technology Negative Air Machines

Absorbents Midwest

Absorbents Midwest Sorbents


Accuform Blockade Barricades Accuform Compliance Materials Accuform Cones Accuform DigiDay Accuform Dispensers Accuform GHS Accuform Helmet Sticker Accuform Labels Accuform Lights Accuform Lockboxes Accuform Lockout Tagout Accuform Marking Tape ...


Accutest Drug Testing

ACME Physicians Care

Acme Eyewash Acme First Aid


Aerosafe Aircraft Batons

Aerospace America

Manufacturer of negative air machines and other abatement supplies.   Aerospace America Decon Showers Aerospace America Negative Air Machines

Air Systems

Air Systems Blowers Air Systems Breathing Boxes AIR SYSTEMS Cylinder Carts Air Systems Respirators Airline


Alexeter Testing

All Sport

All Sport Sport Drinks


Allegro Air Sampling High Volume Allegro Back Support Allegro Blowers Allegro Clothing Cooling Allegro Guard Rails Allegro Hood Systems Allegro Knee Pads

Allied Industrial

Allied Industrial Equipment

Allway Tools

Allway Tools


Alta Knee Pads

Americ Confined Space Products

Part of Pinnacle Climate Technologies, with Schaefer Ventilation and Master Industrial Fans.

American Air Filter

Manufacturer of filters for negtative air machines and many other types of equipment.

American Coatings Corporation

American Coatings Tile Strippers


Americover Poly Sheeting Self Adhesive


Ampco Tools Non Sparking

Amrep (see ZepInc)


Ansell Aprons Ansell CPC Nomex Clothing Ansell CPC Polyester Clothing Ansell Flame and Cut Resistant Gloves Ansell Gloves Activarmr Ansell Gloves Assembly Ansell Gloves Barrier Ansell Gloves Butyl Ansell Gloves Crusader Flex Ansell Gloves Cut Res ...


Applegate Sorbents


ARI Bug Spray ARI Dog Repellent ARI Insect Repellent


Arrow Staplers


ATI Single Gas Monitors

Atrix Vaccum HEPA

Atrix Vaccum HEPA


Barefoot Matting


Bashlin Tool Belts

Bausch + Lomb

Bausch & Lomb Eyewear Cleaning


Bayco Flashlights


Berne Clothing

Berry Plastics

Includes Nashua Tapes and Polyken Tapes

Bio Med Wash

Bio Medwash Eyewash


Bios Calibration Equipment

Black Stallion

Black Stallion Gloves Black Stallion Welding Jackets

Blackline GPS Monitoring

Blackline GPS Monitoring


BlueWater Fall Protection Safety Rails

Bolle Eyewear

Bolle Eyewear

Bouton Eyewear

Bouton Eyewear Accessories

Bradley Eyewash

Bradley Eyewash Emergency


Brady Dispensers Brady Ear Plug Dispensers Brady Entrance/Evacuation Brady Eyeglass Dispensers Brady Floor Marking Tape Brady Gas Cylinder Lockout Brady GHS Brady Hard Hat Decals Brady Inspection Tags Brady Label Makers Brady Labels Brady Ladde ...

Brite Safety

Brite Reflex Traffic Vests


Bullard Bump Caps Bullard Cooling Vests Bullard Faceshields Bullard Hard Hats Bullard Hoods Bullard Respirators Airline Bullard Respirators PAPR


CalGaz Calibration Accessories CalGaz Calibration Gases


Cardiac Science

Cardiac Science AED

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health Gloves Disposable Nitrile

CEP Sorbents

CEP Sorbents Maintenance CEP Sorbents Oil

Certified Safety First Aid

Certified Safety First Aid

Champion Plastics


Checker Wheel Chocks


Chemtex Spill Control Products

Chicago Protective Apparel (CPA)

Chicago Protective Clothing Fire Resistant Chicago Protective Coveralls Chicago Protective Gloves Electrician Chicago Protective Gloves Heat Resistant Chicago Protective Hand Pads Chicago Protective Hoods Knit Chicago Protective Leggings Chicago Pr ...

Chums Eyewear

Chums Eyewear Accessories

Coleman Cable

Coleman Cable Electrical Box Coleman Cable Extension Cords Coleman Cable Ground Fault Interrupt Coleman Cable Lighting

Complete Environmental Products (CEP)


Cordova Barricade Tape Cordova Boots Cordova Clothing Cordova Clothing Flame Resistant Cordova Clothing Hi Viz Cordova Cooling Towels Cordova Eyewear Cordova Fencing Cordova Gloves Cotton Cordova Gloves Cut Resistant Cordova Gloves Drivers Cord ...

Core Products

Core Products Back Support


Coretex Insect Repellent Coretex Poison Ivy Care Coretex Skin Care

Cortina Safety Products

Cortina Traffic Cones

Cotterman Ladders

Cotterman Ladders and Gates

Covalence Adhesives (see Berry Plastics)

See Berry Plastics


Crog Shower Shoes


CVAC HEPA Filter CVAC Vacuum Bags


D-Lead Lead Cleanup


DEB Skin Care


Desco Prep Tools Lead


DeWalt Eyewear DeWalt Gloves Mechanics


Dexsil PCB Test Kits

Draeger Safety

Manufacturer of respiratory (half and full face respirators and SCBAs) and gas detection equipment and detector tubes.   Draeger Accuro Air Sampler Draeger Air Sampling CMS Draeger Airline Draeger Calibration Accessories Draeger Calibration ...


Drieaz Dehumidifiers


DryGuy Boot Dryer

Dumond Chemicals

Manufacturer of lead-based paint removal chemicals and protection.   Dumond Chemicals Lead


Dunlop Boots Haz Mat Dunlop Overshoes Dunlop Rainwear Dunlop Rainwear Chemical Resistant


Dupont Aprons Dupont Clothing Disposable Dupont Clothing Fire Resistant DuPont Clothing Haz Mat DuPont Isoclean Garments DuPont Shoe Covers DuPont Sleeves DuPont Tychem BR Garments DuPont Tyvek Hoods


Duracell Batteries


Dwyer Instruments Dwyer Vaneometer

Eagle Manufacturing

Manufacturer of cabinets for chemical storage and other environmental protection supplies.   Eagle Drum Funnels Eagle Post Sleeves Eagle Ramp Eagle Safety Cans Eagle Salvage Drums Eagle Spill Pallets Eagle Storage Cabinets

Edwards Cromwell

Edwards Cromwell Drum Plugs


Ellwood Safety Foot Guards


Elvex Clothing Chainsaw Elvex Earplugs Elvex Eyewear Elvex Faceshields Elvex Hard Hats Elvex Hearing Muffs


ENCO Flourescent Lamp Recycler

Encon Safety Products


Energizer Batteries

Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions Area Pressure Monitor


Enpac Overpack


Enviroguard Mold Chemicals


ERB Safety Products


Ergodyne AntiVibration Gloves Ergodyne Back Support Ergodyne Balaclava Ergodyne Bandana Ergodyne Clothing Hi Viz Ergodyne Clothing Winter Ergodyne Cooling Products Ergodyne Cut Resistant Gloves Ergodyne Duffle Bag Ergodyne Elbow Support Ergodyne ...


ESCA-Tech Lead Testing ESCA-Tech Shoe Mats


Everest Camera Bag Everest Duffle Bag


Extech Moisture Meters Extech Particule Counter Extech Sound Meter Extech Temperature Monitoring


FallTech Anchors FallTech Duffle Bag FallTech Fall Protection Accessories FallTech Fall Protection Harnesses FallTech Fall Protection Lifelines FallTech Lanyards

Fiberlock Technologies

Manufacturer of asbestos abatement chemicals and decontamination showers.   Fiberlock ICP Chemicals Lead Fiberlock ICP Chemicals Mold Fiberlock ICP Cleaning Products Fiberlock ICP Containment Fiberlock ICP Encapsulants


Fibre-Metal Faceshield Fibre-Metal Hard Hats Fibre-Metal Headgear

First Aid Only

Part of Acme United. First Aid products.   First Aid Only Biohazard Container First Aid Only First Aid Kits First Aid Only First Aid Supplies


Foster Chemicals Mold Foster Encapsulants Foster Weather Barrier

Garlock Safety Systems

Gas Clip

Gas Clip Multi Gas Instruments Gas Clip Single Gas Clip Plus


Manufacturer of calibration gas and supplies.   Gasco Calibration Gases

Gateway Safety

Gateway Earplugs Gateway Eyewash Emergency Gateway Eyewear Gateway Faceshields Gateway Helmets Gateway Respirators Gateway Welding Goggles


Gatorade Sports Drinks


Georgia Steel Respirator Cleaning

Global Glove & Safety

Manufacturer of workplace gloves and apparel like hi-viz vests.   Global Gloves Global Hi Viz Clothing

Glove Guard

Glove Guard Glove Guard


Gojo Skin Care


Grabber Chemical Warmers

Grayling (see ILC Dover)


Guardair Airguns


Guardian Acid Coveralls Guardian Eyewash Emergency

Guardian Fall Protection

Guardian Fall Protection Accessories Guardian Fall Protection Harnesses Guardian Fall Protection Lanyards Guardian Fall Protection Lifelines

Hardigg Cases

Hardigg Cases Hardigg Protective Cases

Harris Industries

Harris Barrier Tape Harris Labels/Signs Harris Reflective Tape Harris Tape Vinyl


Haws Eyewash Emergency

Heatmax Warmers

Heatmax Warmers

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen Rainwear Helly Hansen Workwear



High Five

High Five Gloves Disposable Latex High Five Gloves Disposable Nitrile

Honeywell Analytics (includes BW Technologies)

Manufacturer of gas detection equipment.   Honeywell BW Calibration Gases Honeywell BW Instrument Accessories Honeywell BW Multi Gas Instruments Honeywell BW Sensors Honeywell BW Single Gas Monitors

Honeywell RAE

Manufacturer of gas detection monitors.   Honeywell RAE Area Monitoring Honeywell RAE Calibration Cylinders Honeywell RAE Calibrators Gas Monitors Honeywell RAE Detector Tubes Honeywell RAE MiniRAE 3000 Honeywell RAE MiniRAE Lite Honeywel ...

Honeywell Safety

Products for workplace safety. Includes Howard Leight hearing, Uvex eyewear, Miller Fall Protection, Servus footwear and North safety products (hardhats, gloves and more).   Honeywell Eyewear Honeywell Howard Leight Earplugs Honeywell Howard ...

Honeywell Salisbury

Honeywell Salisbury Arc Suppresion Blankets Honeywell Salisbury Clothing Arc Flash Honeywell Salisbury Dielectric Products Honeywell Salisbury Electrical Matting - Blankets Honeywell Salisbury Glove Dust Honeywell Salisbury Glove Inflator Honeywell ...


Hudson Sprayers


Hyde Tools


Hygenall Cleaning Products

Ideal Warehouse Innovations (see IronGuard)

ILC Dover

Manufacturer of glove bags and asbestos abatement chemicals.   ILC Dover-Grayling Decon Showers ILC Dover-Grayling Glove Bags ILC Dover-Grayling Mastic Removers


Impacto Elbow Support Impacto Gloves Impact Impacto Insoles Impacto Knee Pads Impacto Metatarsal Guard Impacto Turbo Toes

Industrial Scientific Corp. (ISC)

Manufacturer of gas detction equipment.   ISC Calibration Gases ISC Calibrators Gas Monitors ISC Instrument Accessories ISC Multi Gas Instruments ISC Sensors ISC Single Gas Monitors

Industrial Wiping Cloth



Ironwear Boots Ironwear Hi Viz Clothing Ironwear Rainwear

John Tillman Company

Justrite Manufacturing

Justrite Aerosol Can Disposal Justrite Bench Cans Justrite Cigarette Receptacles Justrite Dip Tanks Justrite Drum Accessories Justrite Drum Vents Justrite Oily Waste Cans Justrite Plunger Cans Justrite Safety Cans Justrite Safety Funnels Justrit ...


Kappler Chem Tape Kappler Clothing Accessories Kappler Clothing Haz Mat Kappler Training Suits Kappler Zytron Clothing


Manufacturer of disposable clothing and workplace gloves.   Kimberly-Clark Bouffants Kimberly-Clark Bump Cap Kimberly-Clark Clothing Disposable Kimberly-Clark Clothing Haz Mat Kimberly-Clark Cover Lens Kimberly-Clark Eyewear Kimberly-Cla ...


Lakeland Clothing Lakeland Clothing Cooling Lakeland Clothing Disposable Lakeland Clothing Fire Resistant Lakeland Clothing Haz Mat Lakeland Gloves Latex Coated Lakeland Gloves Nitrile Lakeland Gloves Vinyl Lakeland Shoe Covers Lakeland Work Clot ...

Liberty Glove & Safety

Liberty Glove Clothing Liberty Glove Cotton Liberty Glove Cut Resistant Liberty Glove Disposable Nitrile Liberty Glove Disposable Vinyl Liberty Glove Drivers Liberty Glove Drivers Gloves LIberty Glove Eyewear Liberty Glove Hi Viz Clothing Liberty ...

Master Industrial Fans

Part of Pinnacle Climate Technologies, with Schaefer Ventilation and Americ Confined Space Products.

Master Lock Company

Manufacturer of locks and lockout/tagout equipment.   Master Lock Lockout Tagout Master Lock Locks

McHenry Manufacturing (see PIP)

MCR Safety

MCR Clothing Disposable MCR Clothing Hi Viz MCR Eyewear MCR Eyewear Accessories MCR Eyewear Cleaning MCR Faceshields MCR Fencing Temporary MCR Fire Resistant Clothing MCR Gloves Assembly MCR Gloves Canvas MCR Gloves Cotton Jersey MCR Gloves Cut ...

Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear Gloves Mechanics


Micro-Blaze Fire Fighting Micro-Blaze Liquid Spill Control



Moldex Cartridges Moldex Earplugs Moldex Full Face Respirator Moldex Half Mask Respirator Moldex Hearing Bands Moldex Hearing Muffs Moldex Respirators Disposable


MSA Air Sampling Personal Pumps MSA Altair 5 Gas Detector MSA Bump Caps MSA Calibration Equipment MSA Calibration Gases MSA Calibrators Gas Monitors MSA Confined Space Kits MSA Detector Tubes MSA Eyewear MSA Faceshields MSA Fall Protection Acces ...

National Safety Apparel (NSA)


NextTeq Detector Tubes NextTeq Tedlar Bags


Manufacturer of HEPA vacuums and negative air machines.   Nilfisk 930 HEPA Vacuum Nilfisk Alto Attix Vacuum Nilfisk Blowers Nilfisk GD Vacuums Nilfisk GM80 Vacuum Nilfisk Vaccum HEPA Nilfisk Vacuums


OccuNomix Bandana OccuNomix Bomber Jacket OccuNomix Caps OccuNomix Chemical Warmers OccuNomix Cooing Vest OccuNomix Gloves Anti Vibration OccuNomix Hard Hats OccuNomix Hi Viz Clothing OccuNomix Knee Pads OccuNomix ooling Products OccuNomix Rainw ...

OnGuard Industries (see Dunlop)

Onguard Boots

Pelican Products

Manufacturer of flashlights, headlamps, industrial lighting and protective cases for equipment.   Pelican Area Lighting Pelican Cases Pelican Flashlights Pelican Headlamps

Protective Industrial Products (PIP)

PIP Bandana PIP Bump Caps PIP Clothing Hi Viz PIP Cooling Vest PIP Eyewear PIP Faceshields PIP Gloves Clean Room PIP Gloves Cut Resistant PIP Gloves Dotted PIP Gloves Drivers PIP Gloves Electrician PIP Gloves Hi Viz PIP Gloves Inspectors PIP ...


Pyramex Eyewear Pyramex Eyewear Accessories Pyramex Faceshields Pyramex Goggles Pyramex Hard Hats Pyramex Hearing Protection

Quality Glove


Includes Crossfire Eyewear and DeWalt Gear.   Radians Clothing Flame Resistant Radians Clothing Hi Viz Radians Earplugs Radians Eyewear Radians Eyewear Accessories Radians Faceshields Radians Gloves Cut Resistant Radians Goggles Radians ...

RAE Systems (see Honeywell RAE)

Raven Industries

Manufacturer of scrim and barrier film.

Revco (see Black Stallion)

RKI Industries

Manufacturer of gas detection monitors and fixed systems. RKI Calibrators Gas Monitors RKI Fixed Systems RKI Multi Gas Instruments RKI Sensors RKI Single Gas Monitors

Safety Zone

Safety Zone Beard Covers Safety Zone Bouffants Safety Zone Clothing Safety Zone Gloves Disposable Latex Safety Zone Gloves Disposable Nitrile Safety Zone Gloves Disposable Vinyl Safety Zone Gloves Knit Safety Zone Gloves Latex Safety Zone Gloves L ...

Salisbury (see Honeywell Salisbury)

Schaefer Ventilation

Part of Pinnacle Climate Technologies, with Master Industrial Fans and Americ Confined Space Products.

Scott Health & Safety (see 3M Scott Fire & Safety)

Scott Airline Scott Escape Respirators Scott Full Face Respirators Scott Gas Detection Scott Half Mask Scott PAPR Respirators Scott Respiratory Accessories

Sentinel Chemical Company

Sentinel Chemicals Lead Sentinel Cleaning Chemicals Sentinel Mastic Removers


Previously Best Glove. Manufacturer of many styles of workplace gloves.   Showa Rubber Gloves

Sperian (see Honeywell Safety)

See Honeywell Safety


Sqwincher Sports Drinks

Stanco Safety Products

Stanco Clothing Arc Flash Stanco Clothing Fire Resistant Stanco Gloves Heat Resistant Stanco Hoods Knit Stanco Respirator Storage Stanco Sleeves Flame Resistant Stanco Welding Clothing Stanco Welding Gloves

Steel Grip

Steel Grip Aprons Steel Grip Arc Flash Steel Grip Chaps Steel Grip Clothing Aluminized Steel Grip Clothing Fire Resistant Steel Grip Finger Guards Steel Grip Gloves Heat Resistant Steel Grip Gloves Kevlar Steel Grip Leggings Steel Grip Sleeves S ...


Streamlight Flashlights Streamlight Headlamps


Manufacturer of safety footwear and apparel.   Tingley Boots Haz Mat Tingley Class E Clothing Tingley Hi Viz Clothing Tingley Overshoes Tingley Rainwear Tingley Rainwear Chemical Resistant Tingley Rainwear Flame Resistant Tingley Rainwea ...

TM Polyfilm

Verde (see Micro-Blaze)

West Chester

West Chester Aprons West Chester Clothing Disposable West Chester Clothing Hi Viz West Chester Gloves Canvas Gloves West Chester Gloves Cotton Jersey West Chester Gloves Drivers West Chester Gloves Hi Viz West Chester Gloves Kevlar West Chester Gl ...



Zoll AED