Honeywell North Primair 700 Series PAPR

During the engineering phase for the PA700 Series, Honeywell consulted PAPR users and safety managers to understand their vision of ideal PAPR features and functionality. Feedback indicated a need for improved ergonomics, cleanability, and reliability. Honeywell responded to this feedback by developing a PAPR with a thoughtful design, a PAPR made for superior comfort, safety, and easy operation and maintenance so users can work hard and breathe easy.

Convenience. Honeywell understands the need to get workers on the job fast and keep them productive. That's why the PA700 PAPR was designed to be easy-to-use and incorporates convenient features. The PA700 is easy-to-assemble with components that lock into place with little effort. Controls are easy to operate - even when wearing gloves. The easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces take just minutes to wipe down at the end of a long day.
Comfort. With personal protective equipment (PPE), safety is the priority but, comfort is also a must. The PA700 was designed with a focus on ergonomics so workers stay comfortable for longer, which increases productivity by reducing the need for breaks or adjustments to equipment. On demand airflow control helps keep workers cool throughout their shifts. Additional accessories are available to further enhance comfort.
Confidence. Workers who perform their jobs in high-risk environments face hazards on a daily basis. Developed with safety and compliance in mind, the PA700 offers employers the confidence their workers are protected from hazards. The integrated and streamlined design is reliable and durable. Components lock into place so that the workers feel safer and can focus on the job, not their equipment.
Elements for ordering: Primair PA700 PAPR Assembly, Hood/Facepiece, Breathing Tube, Cartridge/Filter and Accessories. Call for details.

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