Respiratory Testing & Cleaning

On-site or in-house, our ultrasonic cleaner uses hospital grade disinfecting chemicals to thoroughly clean protective face masks according to OSHA, ANSI and CSA regulations. Periodic cleanings reduce the transfer of germs and extend a respirator's life span.
Respiratory Fit Testing - PortaCount
  • Quantitative respiratory fit testing
  • Can test a wide variety of tight-fitting respiratory equipment, including N95 disposables
  • Required annually

Level A Suit Pressure Testing

  • On site or in-house
  • Required annually or after each use

SCBA Function Test and Repair

With Sperian's POSICHECK3, we can test all the major functions of your SCBA including positive pressure levels, exhalation resistance, static pressure, alarm levels, pressure gauge function, and system leaks. 

Air Quality Tests

Technicians go on site to check for excessive levels of moisture, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil, and hydrocarbons. The results of the test verify the proper operation of your compressor and filters.
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