Those employees who are trained in accordance with paragraph (q)(6) of this section shall receive annual refresher training of sufficient content and duration to maintain their competencies, or shall demonstrate competency in those areas at least yearly. Training Includes: HAZWOPER Regulations; Safety & Health Plans; Hazardous Chemicals; Safety Hazards; Air Monitoring; Medical Surveillance; Site Control; Decontamination; PPE Equipment and Respiratory Equipment.
"Hands-On" Training Includes: Respiratory Equipment, Clothing Ensembles (foot, face & hand); Air Monitoring; Portable Ventilation; Rescue & Retrieval Equipment; etc.
NOTE: Supervised field experience (also required by OSHA) under a trained, experienced supervisor is the responsibility of the student's employer.
COST: $200/person, minimum of 8. Less than 8, $1600/day.  Certificate upon completion. Valid for 1 year
For more information please contact Dephanie McGill-Brandon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800-777-7347