3 Courses Available:
  • 29 CFR Part 1915-Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment, 10-Hours
  • 29 CFR Part 1917-Marine Terminals, 10-Hours
  • 29 CFR Part 1918-Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoring, 10-Hours

Learning Objectives: This training program is intended to provide entry level Maritime Industry workers information about how to abate, avoid and prevent job related hazards on a job site. The training is tailored to the type of work involved and will emphasize hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention.
"Hands-On" Training Includes: Fall Protection, Respiratory, Rescue & Retrieval and Gas Detection Equipment and foot, face and hand protection.
COST: $95 per person 
Certificate and Department of Labor card upon completion. 
For more information please contact Dephanie McGill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800-777-7347
Disclaimer: Our training classes and site-evaluations have been designed to assist you in complying with OSHA regulations. The materials provided are not meant to be a substitute for the OSHA regulations. Because of the variations that can occur due to on-site conditions, whether you are in a state plan, or performance criteria, it is impossible for any course to cover every aspect of those potential variations. Therefore, our courses do not cover everything a person should know about a particular subject nor does it qualify anyone as a "competent" person. However, our courses do cover part of the information that any person must know to be effective in applying safety and health standards and practices to circumstances in the work place.