OSHA 29 CFR Subpart P - Excavations & ANSI A10.12 Safety Requirements for Excavation Training Certification
  • OSHA states that daily inspections of excavations, the adjacent areas, and protective systems shall be made by a competent person for evidence of a situation that could result in possible cave-ins, indications of failure of protective systems, hazardous atmospheres, or other hazardous conditions. An inspection shall be conducted by the competent person prior to the start of work and as needed throughout the shift. Inspections shall also be made after every rainstorm or other hazard increasing occurrence.
  • Inspections must be conducted by a competent person who:
    • Has training in soil analysis;
    • Has training in the use of protective systems;
    • Is knowledgeable about the OSHA requirements;
    • Has authority to immediately eliminate hazards.
This course focuses on the Trenching and Excavation Safety Standard for the Construction Industry as described in OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart P and will address identification and correction of hazards, soil testing methods, trench protection systems, and general safety requirements. 
Training Includes:
  • Surface Encumbrances
  • Underground Installations
  • Access and Egress
  • Exposure to Vehicular Traffic
  • Exposure to Falling Loads
  • Warning System for Mobile Equipment
  • Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Protection from Hazards Associated with Water Accumulation
  • Stability of Adjacent Structures
  • Protection of Employees From Loose Rock or Soil
  • Inspections
  • Fall Protection
  • Protection of Employees in Excavations
  • Sloping and Benching Systems
  • Support Systems
  • Shield Systems
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Installation and Removal of Support
  • Types of Shoring (wood timbers and hydraulic)
  • Soil Testing Methods and Portable Gas Detection Equipment for Atmospheric Testing
COST: $55 per person. Certificate upon completion. 
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